An extensive collection of articles – featuring photos, audio and video – has been collected together and published on the website of the organisers.

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Roy Eaton’s  meeting with an Aboriginal family

Picture this: an 80 year old Aboriginal female tribal leader (Auntie Rae), her son Matthew, her 20ish grandson Evan, a retired university professor Andrzej and his journalist wife Ernestyna, a world traveling Australian-Polish retired High School teacher Felix, and me. Before retiring to a sumptuous dinner, in a Korean restaurant in the neighborhood [Camperdown], we all sat down together in Matthew’s recently constructed government-subsidized apartment and explored questions of Black and White (American and Australian versions), good and evil (universal human questions), then, now, and in the future.

And we came close to an answer to these universal human challenges. Our conclusion? Regardless of color, nationality or ethnicity, humankind is universally unpredictable, yet universally potentially instruments of lovingkindness. IF we are free to, and allow others to be free to explore and discover the intrinsic goodness that all of us are at the core of our Being.

Only when this natural process is frustrated by greed, or envy, or hate, or selfishness do we encounter pain in the life process. Simple to declare, difficult to achieve. But great leaders can make a difference. Kosciuszko in America. Strzelecki in Australia. Both Polish. Both visionary in their determination to abolish racial discrimination in their time (18th and 19th centuries). A vision still in process.

We look forward to celebrating this vision with our Aboriginal brothers and Polish benefactors at the K’Ozzie Fest next weekend.


RaeplytyRoy ERRsmiech URae-zbiorowe


From NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell


Message from the Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Tony Abbott


Message from the Archbishop of Sydney, George Cardinal Pell


K’Ozzie Fest 2013  overseas guests:

  • Singer from Gdansk, Lech Makowiecki & Zayazd Ensemble  arriving  on 23rd January; will  perform all over Australia, and on 23rd February  will appear  on Mt Kosciuszko
  • Afro-American pianist Roy Eaton from New York arriving on 7th February; will take part in Canberra’s Multicultural Festival on 9th February; special guest appearance at K’Ozzie Fest  on 23rd February;
  • Clarinet Quartet CLARIBEL of  Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra arriving on 15th February, will perform in major Oz cities ; special appearance at K’Ozzie Fest on 23rd February
  • more  about our artists on  soon.

The following links will take you to the Puls Polonii website or to the website of Kosciuszko Heritage:

Makowiecki on his way

Claribel will be with us soon

About  the Festival Program

27/12/2012 – ENG – Acknowledgement of CRC sponsorship (podziekowanie dla CRC)

07/12/2012 – POL – Pielgrzymka do Jindabyne (A pligrimage to Jindabyne)

05/12/2012 – ENG – Centenary Mass announcement (ogloszenie odnosnie Mszy Sw.)

26/11/2012 – POL – Dofinansowanie z Fundacji Bluma (Funding from the Blum Foundation)

25/10/2012 – ENG & POL – Meeting with Bishop Porteous (Z wizytą u biskupa Juliana Porteousa)

03/07/2012 – ENG & POL – Visit NSW promotes the festival (festival w rządowej bazie turystycznej)

21/06/2012 – ENG & POL – First draft program (wstępna wizja)


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